Boasting over 60 year’s experience in civil engineering we possess the skill sets to deliver a full road, sewage, utility and foundation solution from greenfield stage or simply assist with the expansion of an existing sites requirements.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to the following scope of supply;-

  • Land clearance
  • Land remediation
  • Installation of sewers & roads
  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Structural waterproofing
  • Car park
  • Temporary hard standings


Hard foam plastic BV is used for back filling redundant underground services including sewers and the stabilisation of industrial floors and roads.

This innovative system for backfilling redundant underground services has the added benefit of providing a cured strength of 30Kn, which on average is more than double that achieved when using traditional flowable cementitious grouts to backfill.

One of the main advantages of using Hard Foam is that the operation is self-contained in the site delivery vehicle and therefore offers an all-round cleaner solution when compared to cementitious based grouts, which has a process often require a significant amount of post work cleaning to take place.

The product, to give its full descriptive title QF 66 Hard Foam, has the advantage that the liquid is applied and cures without having to expand.

The final cured product is relatively light in weight, another major advantage when compared against concrete-related materials, and can be pumped with large amounts of substance in a relatively short period of time, more than halving that of many cementitious grout applications. This provides a significant time and cost saving and in addition helps further increase the green footprint of QF 66 Hard Foam.

This innovative alternative to back filling redundant underground services as well as other applications boasts so many clear advantages over cement based alternatives and although relatively new to the UK market is set to very quickly become the application and product of choice.


Boasting over 50 year’s experience working in the quarry industry, our business has thrived operating in this growth sector during which it has adapted and improved its service to enable it to remain competitive and provide a safe, modern civil engineering service solution to our clients.

As a fully green flagged member of Avetta we are not only able to provide confidence to our clients citing our vast experience, our Avetta status demonstrates our ability to provide contract planning and management to a high standard, a standard set by the leading mining and quarry organistaions.

We are vastly experienced in executing all civil engineering requirements in the quarry environment including but not limited to;-

  • The installation of temporary or new site roads
  • The construction of weighbridges
  • Wheel washing facilities
  • Concrete container walls
  • Concrete foundations for conveyors supports
  • The installations of temporary bridges
  • Silo foundations
  • Reinstatement of bridleways
  • UAV Drone surveys




Our experience working within the water and power sectors sees us well placed to deliver a complete turnkey solution for our clients.

Where excavations are required our underground cable avoidance service utilise the most advanced detection systems currently available to ensure nothing is left to chance in locating and identifying the presence of underground services.

We strongly believe that identifying underground services is one the key undertakings when it comes to ground excavation work, that is why we have invested in market leading detection equipment and techniques and train all our site operatives, regardless of their position within the business, in the correct use of detection equipment.

Our experience and capabilities in delivering civil engineering solutions in the water & power environment includes but is not limited to;-

  • Underground services detection
  • Structural waterproofing
  • Cable trenches
  • Cable pulling
  • Archimedes Screw installations
  • Bunded walls
  • Silo foundations
  • Transformer enclosures
  • Lighting column bases




Wildgoose Bonsall Ltd first ventured into the renewables sector in 2011 with the construction of the concrete foundations and the building of the main pump house to facilitate two of the UK’s first Archimedes Screw Turbine installations at Rothiemay Aberdeenshire  and Johnstone Bridge.

This was a bold move for the company but clearly demonstrated that despite the remote locations of these projects and the company’s history, the owners of the business were and remain keen to embrace the renewable age. This desire soon resulted in the company securing the civil’s element for the installation of an 80m tall wind turbine at Brassington near Matlock.

Our experience allows us to compete in the renewable sector with the confidence that we have managed and delivered some of the biggest challenging projects in the renewable market and in so doing deliver services including but not limited to;-

  • Dredging & damming
  • Construction of cast concrete housings
  • Archimedes Screw installations
  • Temporary road installations
  • Crane hard standings
  • Cable trenches
  • Cable pulling
  • Solar farm foundations



The design and creation of bespoke bridging solutions for both temporary and permanent requirements is a capability we are extremely proud of at Wildgoose.

Over the years our vastly experienced bridge construction team of engineers have delivered innovative solutions helping our clients reduce costs, delivering a range of services including but not limited to;-

  • Feasibility study
  • Bridge design
  • Temporary dam creation
  • Installation of access roads
  • The casting of bridge pillars & supports
  • The supply of proprietary bridges
  • Lifting operation – Appointed Person



Our wealth of specialist experience provides us with an understanding of the rail industry needs. Our civil engineering contractors cover a range of civil engineering and maintenance trades catering for a wide range of rail assets including but not limited to;-

Our capabilities include but are not limited to the following scope of supply;-

  • Station car parks and access roads
  • Pedestrian footways
  • Station internal refurbishments
  • Trackside foliage clearance
  • Rope Access
  • Station facelifts and improvements
  • Specialist earthing

All our tradesmen are directly employed, however the sector in which often look to expand our range of services the fully skilled tradesmen we can supply include but are not limited to;

  • PTS Bricklayers
  • PTS Ground Workers
  • PTS Earthing & Lightning Protection Engineers
  • PTS Electrician
  • PTS Plumbers
  • PTS Carpenters and Joiners